Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the end of dreads

Well, I ripped out my dreads today. Rather, I had two very nice stylists rip out my dreads for me. It hurt. A lot. A LOT. It took two hours just for the ripping, then a treatment as I looked like the Garnier Fructis girl with frizzy hair. Seriously, think finger in a light socket. All the other stylists kept stopping by to look and touch and comment on how my hair didn't stink like most people with dreads, as they put it. It was quite the event. They even had someone take pictures of my head (face omitted), probably to put atop a caption "Look what we can fix!".

The girls were cool, we laughed and joked and I grimaced and they thanked me for not being grumpy. I'm glad I did it, but I'll never do it again, that's for sure. Did I mention it hurt? I didn't cry, though, so I'm pretty sure I can handle a tattoo now. The main gal did a really great job cutting and salvaging as much length as she could, as she didn't want to see me shave my head. Her boss yelled at her for taking so long, but I think she ( the stylist, not the boss) felt invested in seeing my head resurrected. They charged me for it (oh yes they did) and I gave her a good tip since it took 4 hours for the whole deal. I thought maybe by the end of it we'd be new bff's but not so much.

At one point they both stopped at stared at one of my dreads and said "Oh my god, look at that!" and I though for sure they'd found a bug. I was mortified. Oh dear god.

No, no bugs (I did wash my hair after all) but a tiny little corkscrew of hair wound so tight it looked like a little piece of watchworks. It was very cute. We saved it and showed it to each stylists as they stopped by to question me. I saved it to show to Erich, who was thoroughly unimpressed so then I threw it away, but I think maybe I should have taped it up or something. Oh well.

Anyways, my hair smells good right now from the product they used, and I'm a little sad it won't smell like this for more than one day. It's always best the day you get back from the salon. I haven't gone in about two years, so it was about time, I think. Oh well. I was thinking about booking a couple's massage for us sometime soon but I think I'll wait. It's probably too girly there for Erich anyway.

So...I have hair again!