Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Family = Life

I had a sweet reminder of how lucky I am today. At work, we got together in small groups for 'team building' and the like, and we were asked to introduce ourselves to the group. A pharmacist went first, and then I went second so the girl next to me could have a few more sips of coffee. Clutching my hot tea (I'd already had two cups of coffee- this was just to keep my hands warm) I spoke slowly of my work status (part-time, in different parts of the store) my 11-month old, my husband, my dog (Oscar!) I slipped into a story of my dog teaching my baby to walk (true story!...sort of). And then I said without hesitation, "My family is my life right now." And then it hit me how true that statement is. It is really is. I am so grateful for my guys.

It's a much needed reminder after difficult nights of sickness, earaches and a sleepless baby. A dog that sympathy vomits while papa has a kidney stone. Frustration with tight budgets, bills, and never-ending to-do lists. But this is life! This is the stuff. Yoga teaches us to cultivate gratitude - and it is truly a practice, never completely mastered. Nasty cold weather reminds us to be grateful for our homes, even if they are messy or undervalued by the market. Budgets are the trade-off for more time with my son - even if most people don't know how hard we try to make this happen. Stupid fights with my husband are a reminder that I married a man who is engaged with the world and cares for its future (even when I am too tired to pay attention).

My sister-in-law asked me once "How did you get such an adorable family?!"

I don't know. But I love them so much.