Monday, August 6, 2012


Does anyone else find it ridiculous that the organic frozen winter squash comes in a plastic bag that you are supposed to either boil or microwave it in?

I rarely by organic foods because of the price, but today I decided to give it a shot since I determined that making Mason baby food from frozen organic veg was still less expensive than buying conventional prepared baby food. Not as cheap as conventional frozen veg, but still less. I figured freezing in plastic containers was ok, I would just have to be mindful about thawing things ahead of time. Into the cart goes frozen peas, squash, green beans, fresh org carrots and avocados (it'll be a treat food...he does love them so) and regular sweet potatoes. I didn't see any frozen or fresh ones anywhere. I think there might be canned ones, but I'm pretty sure they are canned in syrup, so whatever, if nothing else Erich and I will eat them. In fact my hope is to eventually just give Mason whatever veg we are having for dinner last night.

Either way, I hope this will work. He is now eating two full stage 1 containers of solids every day. Hungry boy!

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Patti said...

He's such a healthy little man!