Saturday, August 11, 2012

Update: Homemade Baby Food

So! So far most of my efforts have gone into the garbage disposal. :-( I made what I imagine is a rookie mistake and bought frozen food, pureed it, and then refroze it. This results in rubbery squash. The peas and green beans would not be pureed despite my best efforts, and were also kind of rubbery. They insisted on staying chunky, which makes me wonder if they just cook the bejesus out of them at commercial plants. Either way, the only thing that did freeze well was avocado. Which is useful, since its pricey and I don't like to give him more than 1/2 one in a serving, since its kinda fatty. (But delicious!) Haven't tried the carrots yet, and the sweet potatoes got eaten for dinner last night by the adults (roasted, not pureed). So, I bought several days worth of regular food to get us through while I reconsider my strategy. :-)

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Angeline said...

Yeah, making your own baby food is great in some ways, irritating in others. I bought some organic zucchini earlier this year and was shocked at how little puree we got out of it - it was actually cheaper to buy commercial organic food. And no, zucchini does not freeze/thaw well. I guess I never really worried a whole lot about whether it was a little watery-er upon thawing. Once he gets teeth you can give him whatever steamed veggies you and Erich are eating, depending on which ones you've already introduced - have you seen this site?